Interesting and Useful Reading

Famous Wills
A list of famous people and how their estates were distributed under their wills.

What is FDIC and how does it apply to me? This article will answer those questions.

Accredited Estate Planner Designation (AEP)
The article outlines the benefits of dealing with an attorney that is a certified Accredited Estate Planner, or AEP.

How a Corporate Trustee Can Help a Financial Planner Meet Their Client’s Goals
This article explains the role of the trustee, how a trustee should be selected and how a corporate trustee can add value.

Good News-Bad News: Estate Tax Audit Rate Increasing Dramatically As the Estate Tax Exemption Increases
This memo outlines the Federal Government’s Estate Tax Audit Rates.

Handling the Complexities of Planning with Annuities
Describes the basics of dealing with a commercial annuity.

Are You Afraid To Plan for Your Own Death?
Exploring our rights to make the funerary process more personal and less of a consumer affair.

Retirement Benefits Planning Update
This article outlines how to plan using both Roth IRA’s and 401(K) Plans

What to Look for in a Long-Term Care Insurance Policy
Outlines the risks and possible benefits of long-term care insurance.

Protecting and Preserving the Family-Goal of EP
This article outlines various ways to make preserving the family the main goal during the Estate Planning process.

UltraShort Treasuries: How Long Can You Hold TBT?

Estate Planning with Retirement Benefits for a Special Needs Child, Part 1
Understanding Retirement Distribution Rules