Our Mission

Our success is founded upon our single minded commitments to:

  • Assisting families and business owners with the efficient management and disposition of their wealth to their successors and heirs that focuses on meeting your personal and business objectives before addressing the tax ramifications;
  • Assisting our clients to better frame and communicate their objectives, and then translating those into legal and non legal structures designed to dramatically increase the probability of reaching those goals for their loved ones and their businesses;
  • Delivering state of the art competence and techniques;
  • Communicating our recommendations and analyses in a way that can be clearly understood and embraced by our clients;
  • Identifying and recommending only the essential components necessary to meet your objectives, and avoid the “over-lawyering” that usually accompanies “best of breed” technical competence;
  • Understanding and responding to the demands of the client;
  • Avoiding and referring out legal business that is not directly related to our primary practice areas-we “stick to our knitting”;
  • Committing to the judicious, comprehensive use and persistent adoption of technology to deliver better service and communicate more effectively with our clients.