Our Values

Professional Excellence means the unrelenting commitment to the highest ethical standards in our work for, and our relationships with, our clients. As set forth in our Code of Professional Responsibility and elsewhere, these include:

  • Competence;
  • Protecting client confidentiality;
  • Recognizing, avoiding, or disclosing real and potential conflicts, as we frequently represent more than one member of a family or of a business who has different interests and objectives;
  • Reasonable fees.

We are determined to maintain the highest quality in the legal services we provide, and to find the best people available to deliver them.

We believe our clients and our experience are our greatest teachers (besides our own loved ones), and our greatest assets.

We want to be fulfilled, intellectually and emotionally, by our work. As much as humanly possible, our work should be enjoyable. We are therefore committed to the use of collaborative and cooperative relationships with of our fellow professionals client advisors. We hope they will leave their egos at the door.

We recognize that our style and our method are not right for all of our clients and potential clients, so we work hard to avoid or terminate relationships that are destructive or unpleasant either to the client or to ourselves.